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Strojmisie is us- two mums, connected by the idea of creating something exeptional and… by a shared name- Kasia. Every day we work together to create the most thought-out children’s clothing, beacuse this is our passion. We bring business and creativity together: when one of us is in the workroom with scissors improving our projects, the other one is at the office with a calculator counting what is the lowest price for the quality of our clothes.

Brick and mortar stores:

Otul Mnie – Kielce,

Mamokup –

Momaju – Zamość,

AKUKU – Jędrzejów, Facebook AKUKU

Kidsy –

Polka BuBu – Szamocin,

Trends4Kids – Warszawa,


Dobre Liski,

BOSSO – Lublin,

Little Baby – Drogheda, Dublin,

Akuku shop – Szwajcaria,

Conti – Bregenz,

Lieblingsteilchen – Solingen,

Frau Bau –

Grosse Kleine Welt – Hamburg,

July and Louise – Karlstadt

Kinnings –

LaLeKuLa – Wiedeń,

Mara Mara – Kiel

Morgenroth – Braunschweig,

Nordzewerde – Rönnau,


Wunschkind – Krems,